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Tuesday, June 10, 2008


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Ron Mexico Slanguistics

  • DN (n.) -
    Dumb Nigga. (abbr.)
  • Malbum (n.) -
    Mixtape/album. A project that blurs the line between the two entities. There are both positive and negative examples of these. Most negative examples are packaged and sold by Amalbum Digital, baby!
  • Whoonery (n.) -
    White coonery.
  • Negromantic (adj.) -
    Stereotypically negrous love story. Romantic scenario manufactured for black entertainment. [See: Negromatic Comedy (genre)]
  • Urban (n.) -
    Negrous in nature. Of or pertaining to Negro culture. Used in popular media to describe black shit without saying "black shit."
  • Mulletor (n.) -
    1. One who wears a mullet. 2. One of hillbilly descent. (pron.: "Skeletor")
  • Gnome Sane - (n., v., ques.)
    You know what I'm sayin'? (phonetic, colloquial)
  • Rapster (n.) -
    1. Rap performer (derogatory). 2. Hipster rapper (i.e.: Cool Kids)
  • Ashy Diamond (n.) -
    Bermuda Triangle-esque region on back where hands are unable to reach for lotion application (variable).
  • Cropdusting (v.) -
    Blunt augmentation via foreign substances, usually of the opiate orientation. (See: MTW)
  • Coonery (n.) -
    Coon-like behavior. Anything associated with the Flavor of Love franchise. Farnsworth Bentley's day job.
  • SDN (n.) -
    Smart Dumb Nigga. (See: Katt Williams, The Pimp Chronicles Vol. 1; Ghostface, The World According to Pretty Toney) (abbr.)
  • MTW (n., adj.) -
    More Than Weed. Laced greenery (i.e.: Woolahs). (PSA: Don't hit the blunt if you don't know/trust whoever rolled it, children.)
  • Whitney Diet (n.) -
    Cocaine in a can, baby!
  • Touchdown (n.) -
    A nigga that ain't all the way retarded, but just got a touch of Down's [Syndrome]. (i.e. Chris Brown)
  • The Negro Channel (n.) -
    Black Embarrassment Television (see: BET). Abbreviated as "TNC."
  • Snapper (n.) -
    One who performs snap music. A Franchize Boy. A Soulja Boy.
  • NPS (n.) -
    Niggas Per Sentence average. Amount of times the "n"-word is used in a single sentence.
  • ManBearPig (n.) -
    A dangerous mythical beast spawned from the imagination of Al Gore. A nickname for Tiffany "New York" Pollard's mother, Sister Patterson.
  • CB4 (n.) -
    Cock Block [Level] 4. A nickname for Tiffany "New York" Pollard.
  • Cank Stoochie (n.) -
    Nether-regions in dire need of hygienic attention. Nappy minor-league dugout. (see: Flavor of Love)
  • Blented (adj.) -
    Blunted + Bent. Twisted. Slizzard.
  • Blent (n.) -
    Black Lent. Ron Mexico's unofficial 40-day period of reflection and lament spanning from Dr. Martin Luther King, jr. Day through the end of short-ass Black History Month.
  • BDP (n.) -
    Black Diabetes Pandemic. Kool-Aid induced-suffering. The reason Big Mama lost her leg. The new Black Plague.
  • Niggaball (n.) -
    A sport likening basketball, but covered in Lawry's Seasoned Salt. AND 1 Mixtape Tour. Basketball-esque performance sorely lacking in fundamental skills. (see: Philip "Hot Sauce" Champion)

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